Teaching and Learning Cooperatively (TLCs)


Four days spread over two academic years.

Training Outcomes:

  • Two year program designed to support staff in schools to continue to independently implement Cooperative Learning in to their practice.
  • Participants will be trained as facilitators who, once trained, will deliver 75 minute after school sessions.
  • Each TLC session provides opportunity for: new learning and personal action planning where the teachers commit to trying something before the next session.
  • Peer coaching model built in.
  • Feedback/follow-up time included in each session.

Who Should Attend:

TLC facilitators will be practitioners who are using Cooperative Learning in their practice and who will facilitate and be part of a TLC group.

There is no stipulation that senior leaders cannot attend but it is recommended that they do not lead the sessions.

These sessions are for those who have been trained in Cooperative Learning and want to go deeper and continue to implement and strengthen their skills collegially. There is also the expectation of peer coaching within this model.